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I make some jewelry with Cotton Pearls.  I imported cotton pearls from Japan.
Cotton pearls are compressed cotton with pearl coating instead of urea resin or glass.
The weight of the beads are much lighter than the usual pearls. So light you even forget you're actually wearing them.
They look fragile, but they are actually pretty hard and do not break easily. They are not water-resistant since they're made of cotton

Actually Cotton pearls has a long history.

They were first manufactured in France during the 1800's, and were very popular during the art deco period in the US when wearing multiple layers of pearls was a trend and many women loved it! 

It also became very popular during the 40's and 50's in Japan, but as the trend disappeared, so did the manufacturing of the cotton pearls and they became a rare find. 

However, one factory in Japan recently figured out how to create them and was able to start producing them again. That's company is "MIYUKI" CO.,LTD.

The company MIYUKI is the most famous beads company in Japan. 
Since MIYUKI started to make cotton pearls,  the demand for cotton pearls has skyrocketed!

I use MIYUKI products for my handmade work. They are an excellent quality and always try to improve  their products. 

Cotton pearls are very popular and a trend in Japan now.  

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