Japanese Traditional #Namb Tekki

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Last week was my birthday. I had a big suprise from my frineds in Japan.
When I recieved a heavy box from the mail man I had no idea what was inside?
They sent this beautiful #NAMBTEKKI teapot to me.
Thank you very much ! This is absolutely gorgeous!

Nambu Tekki is the traditional ironware that was produced in two areas: in Morioka City and in Mizusawa City to the south. Nambu Tekki is made through a 400-year old technique developed in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan.  This nambu tekki is from Morioka city in Iwate prefecture.  Japanese handmade crafts have  excellent quality and simple beauty. 
This namb tekki teapot made of 100% Iron.  

I desplayed Namb tekki and wine bottle with Japanese Kimono bottle covers and Japanese obi (sash) table runner. These things match very well!  Japanese Obi table runner did great job! I have several Japanese obi. Japanese obi is like a Sash. We use Japanese Obi as a belt when we wear KIMONO.
I use Japanese Obi for my handmade projects, table runner, wall display etc.. I have given Japanese Obi as a gift several times. Every time gift was a success! I would like to show what I made by Japanese Obi in the future on this blog.

Thank you for my friends again! 
I am happy having little my Japanese room in my house in the United States! 

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