Japanese obi

New material from Japan.

9:12 AM

Handmade by MashtonMashton

Here is new material from Japan. Beautiful Japanese obis and fabrics. My new projects started!  I bought many material in Japan. Let me post some pictures of them. 

Handmade by MashtonMashton
This is Rokutsu obi. what is the Rokutsu obi? →About Japanese Obis

Handmade by MashtonMashton
 This beautiful black obi has SEIGAIHA design. Seigaiha is design of waves. 

Handmade by MashtonMashton
This pink fabric would be nice to make hair ribbons or bow ties.  I have many ideas for my projects. 

For a while I would be busy with my projects! :) 

Have a good day, Everyone!

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