Japanese obi

Mottainai project! Kimono Silk short scarf.

8:23 PM

 Handmade by MashtonMashton

Handmade by MashtonMashton

Handmade by MashtonMashton
This scarf is from extra material.  I wanted to make same silk scarf which I made last time but I wanted to make something a bit different. It is my policy that once I cut antique kimono and Japanese obi I don't want waste anything! I want to use all material because I want to them reborn to today! Also If I make waste it's MOTTAINAI! (This means don't make waste in Japanese.)
This material was not enough to make long scarf so I made short scarf from it. Actually Short scarf is good fit to your neck and makes around your face blight! 
This short scarf is special price at my store on Etsy!
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Have a good day!


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