Japanese obi

Reborn with today's trend!

7:15 AM

Good morning! It's cold today so good day to stay home and work on projects.

I'm working on my projects with this Japanese Rokutsu Obi. 
What is Rokutsu obi? 

Handmade by MashtonMashton
This Rokutsu obi has Pine tree(MATSU in Japanese), Peony (BOTANN in Japanese) and hexagons (Kikkou in Japanese) patterns.
The patterns that kimono and Obi are very significant and have meaning.

Matsu/Pine Tree is regarded as a plant God/Goddess stays with. It has a meaning of “Top” or “First Quality”. 
In Japan, pine tree, bamboo and Japanese plum are known to represent "Good luck" and "Happiness" and all three trees together are called "Shouchikubai."   松 Shou(Pine)竹 Chiku (Bamboo)梅 Bai (Plum). 

Peony is considered as King of Flowers that has a lot of meanings including wealth, good fortune, honor, daring and masculine bravery in Japan.

"Kikkou" : The pattern lining of hexagons is just like a shell of turtles. This is because this pattern is called Turtles' shell. Turtles are symbols of longevity and the hexagon is wishes for enlightenment of power to all direction.

Handmade by MashtonMashton

Japanese culture has long history and meaning. It's interesting to learn. In Japan, We don't wear kimono as a daily clothes. Sometimes these beautiful kimono and Obi  sleep in the closet. It's  shame! That's why I want to use these beautiful kimono and Obi for my projects! I want to make them reborn with today's trend!  

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