Japanese obi

Japanese Obi Coasters.

8:07 AM

Good morning, All! 
Recently I have many reviews of my blog. Thank you very much for reading my blog. 
It increases my motivation alot! Arigato gozaimasu! (Thank you in Japanese)

Here are new items from MashtonMashton. I made coasters from Japanese Obi. 
Each coaster has a different design. That means each one is the only one in the world! :) 
These coaster are at Design Archives in Winston Salme. Each coaster $4.50- 

Handmade by MashtonMashton

Handmade by MashtonMashton

I will sell coasters on my etsy shop soon too.  They will be different design and color.
I posted some pictures on instagram. You can see what I making and my cooking pictures too. I love cooking as much as sewing. 
Please check it out and follow me!  https://instagram.com/mashtonmashton/

Have a beautful Sunday!  

Thank you for reading!


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