Japanese obi

Reborn Japanese Obi collection Part 6 Tote bag.

11:35 AM

Hi there! How are you?
I finished my projects with new Japanese obi→Beautiful Green and Gold brocade obi. 
This obi has beautiful Gold brocade and design. Actually It was difficult to sewing because of material. This type of material is heavy and hard.  My sewing machine stopped many times. But finally I made it.  "Japanese obi Tote bag." This is the only one in the world!

Today's new Item from MashtonMashton! 
Handmade by MashtonMashton

Handmade by MashtonMashton

Handmade by MashtonMashton

I will post next rebone obi collection soon!

I'm happy to accept custom order too!
If you are interested in my items email me!    mashtonmashton(@)gmail.com

Thank you for reading. 

Have a wonderfulday!


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