Japanese Mizuhiki bobby pin.

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Handmade by MashtonMashton

Hi, All.  Today was my last weekend before I go back to Japan.  I need to prepare my suite cases for trip to Japan!  Busy busy busy!! But it's good busy!

I dropped some my items off at design achieves at Winston-Salem. Here is one of item "Japanese Mizuhiki bobby pin." on friday.

What's Mizuhiki? 
Mizuhiki (水引) is an ancient Japanese art form that uses a special cord.
The cord is created from rice paper, that is tightly wound, starched to give it stiffness, and then colored. The ways of coloring include brightly colored Mylar (a very thin plastic), thin strands of silk, or simply painted. The art form was used to tie up the hair of the samurai. (from Wiki pedia)
I have many Mizuhiki code and I was wondering what can I create with these beautiful mizuhiki code. Then I got an idea, make a head accessary with Mizuhiki code! 
I  coated Mizuhiki by UV resin for protect it from water and provides strength. This is totally unique and eye catching head accessory!  If you are looking for something diffrent this is the item for you! 

Handmade by MashtonMashton
Cranes in Japanese culture generally represent longevity and good fortune. It would be nice gift idea.

I will sell these Mizuhiki bobby pins at my store Etsy after my trip Japan soon.

Have a good evening!

Thank you for reading!


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